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Hello ShopCore

In order to try to create a ‘real world’ project that *could* contain all the techniques I’ve outlined in Hello World I decided to build an e-commerce application.

It’s my intent that at the end of this, we’ll have build a simple but fully functional e-commerce platform running in Azure.

The core tenants of the application will be:
Azure Hosted
.Net (Completely? Mostly?)
Pragmatically TDD (Meaning I’m not a zealot, but will definitely lean on this earlier in the project and where makes sense and likely loosen up into mainly integration tests near the end). Hopefully that will make sense as we move along.
Azure Table and DocumentDB backed
Azure SQL if needed
WebAPI backed
Asp.Net MVC Front End (Maybe evolve to Angular as we get along)
Swagger and Swashbuckle
And any other fun tools we find along the way.

What this will not be:

Asp.Net Core. At least not at first. There are a lot of reasons for this, mainly being that there are still some big changes in the works from what I understand. I simply don’t want to let those changes get in the way for now…besides when the time comes, it’ll be a great exercise to convert right?

So today I am opening up the ShopCore repository, which you can find at

Right now it just has a Word doc, in which I’ve collected some user stories. Feel free to take a look and recommend some user stories I might have missed.

Hello world!

Welcome to Learning in the Open.

My intent with this site is to share openly, my learning of web development topics that are just outside my wheelhouse.

A little bit about me. I’m primarily a backend developer who focuses on driving value to the team and the product. I’ve been working on the same product that I’ve decided I need to learn a few dozen new technologies, so I can keep my team motivated and current.

So to that end…here we are. In no particular order I’d like to start learning the following technologies:

Entity Framework
Azure Table Storage
Azure Search
Azure Migrations in General
Asp.Net Core
.Net Core
Identity Server
User Stories
Azure DocumentDB

I am going to try to do as much of this in the open as I can. Hopefully you’ll learn along the way, or maybe even give me some pointers and insight.