ObjectHydrator 2.0

After a long dormant period for ObjectHydrator I’m diving back in.

In this new version, the main thing I’m doing is adding .Net Core compatibility. Not really due to demand or anything, but mostly just a learning experience.

I thrashed on converting it for about an hour or so last night before giving up. Turns out I needed a change of venue, I came to the car wash with my laptop and decided to try again. This time I started with the premise of a super simple Class Library to convert.

Viola…I was over thinking it.

This post from Michael Whelan helped me out a ton: http://www.michael-whelan.net/porting-dotnet-framework-library-to-dotnet-core/

Alpha 2 of ObjectHydrator should be done tonight sometime.

Then I just need to figure out what changes will be needed to the unit tests…if any.


Today I learned that you cannot directly reference a .NET Core Class Library from a standard .Net Application…you have to build a nuget package then reference that. This solution is sub-optimal.

Apparently there is tooling in the works for this, but until it’s ready I’ll probably hold off on Alpha 2 until it’s done.

But you can build Alpha 1 from source and it should work nicely in your .Net Core projects.

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