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Things I learned today Oct 4th 2016

So honoring the premise of the site I’ll throw out a few things I learned today. Even though I’ve been in development for about a billion years (give or take), I’m still surprised at what I don’t know…or had known and forgotten.

  1. There’s a really cool Nuget package that builds nuget packages on each build. You might have to read that sentence a few times. Basically you can add it to a class library and every time you build, it creates a NuGet package for you. Pretty slick.
  2. Azure websites don’t support Basic Authentication out of the box. There are good reasons for this…which I had not considered before publishing a little test project. I found this library to assist and will be giving it a spin. If it warrants a blog post on it’s own I’ll let you know.

So anyway…there you go.